Montana's 2020 election
Montana's 2020 election
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Libertarian for Governor
Bishop owns Hoplite Armor in Kalispell. He has named John Nesper as his running mate.

Key coverage in the race for Governor

Race profile: The statesman and the mogul

You’d be hard-pressed to identify prominent Montanans with more different resumes than the two major party candidates hoping to be elected Montana’s next governor this fall, succeeding term-limited Democratic Gov. Steve Bullock.

Montana Lowdown: Mike Cooney

Lt. Gov. Mike Cooney interviewed by MTFP Editor-In-Chief John Adams before the June 2020 primary

Montana Lowdown: Greg Gianforte

U.S. Rep. Greg Gianforte interviewed by MTFP Editor-In-Chief John Adams before the June 2020 primary

Shared State: Ep. 6 —  Desiring to improve the quality of life

What Montanans have to say about their search for opportunity — and how the platforms espoused by the candidates for governor fit into it

Shared State: Ep. 5 — The grandeur of our mountains and the vastness of our rolling plains

What do candidates mean when they say they’re “for access,” and does that political rhetoric match up with the issues Montanans are actually facing?

Shared State: Ep. 3 — Grateful to God

In Montana’s 2020 race for governor, the candidates’ views on the intersection of religion and policy could have implications for some hot-button legislation.

MTN News debate: Governor

Video of Gianforte and Cooney at their first debate Oct. 3

Montana PBS debate: Governor

Video of Gianforte and Cooney at their second debate Oct. 6
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Fundraising and campaign spending

As a state candidate, Bishop files campaign finance reports with the Montana Commissioner of Political Practices. See the COPP Campaign Electronic Reporting System for official records. Data shown here is current through 10/27/2020.
Total raised
Total spending
Itemized individual contributions
From committees
Note: Self-financing includes candidate contributions and campaign loans. Prior to Jan. 17, 2019, these figures underreported fundraising for state candidates by omitting unitemized contributions. Unitemized contribution totals, which include small-dollar donations, are calculated here by subtracting itemized cash contributions from reported fundraising totals.

Contributions by zip code: Lyman Bishop (L)

Portion of itemized fundraising from Montana donors
Itemized individual contributions
Number at $710 contribution limit
Note: Individual donors are limited to giving $710 per election to gubernatorial candidates and $360 per election to candidates for other statewide offices, with the primary and general contests counted as separate elections.

On the issues

No responses on file to questionnaire conducted before June primary. {ledeIn} All active candidates in the race were contacted repeatedly via phone numbers and emails included in election paperwork. Some didn't submit complete responses by deadline.

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