Montana's 2020 election
Montana's 2020 election
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Green Party for Governor
Barb, of Billings, filed for office March 9. He has named Joshua Thomas as his running mate.
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On the issues

No responses on file. Issue statements were solicited from active candidates via a written questionnaire. Answers have been lightly edited for punctuation and spelling. All active candidates in the race were contacted repeatedly via phone numbers and emails included in election paperwork. Some didn't submit complete responses by deadline.

Fundraising and campaign spending

As a state candidate, Barb files campaign finance reports with the Montana Commissioner of Political Practices. See the COPP Campaign Electronic Reporting System for official records. Data shown here is current through 05/14/2020.

As of that date, Barb had reported no fundraising to the COPP.

Stay tuned for more

We'll be updating this page with new information through Election Day in November 2020.

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