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Montana’s chief executive, tasked with overseeing state agencies and proposing state budgets to the Montana Legislature, elected to a four-year term. Also one of five seats on the Montana Board of Land Commissioners, which has authority over state trust lands.


Campaign finance

As reported in quarterly filings. Data current through 12/31/2019. No reports yet on file for Lyman Bishop.

Total raised in race
Total spent
CandidateTotal raisedItemized individual contributionsCommittee contributionsSelf-financingUnitemized contributions
Greg Gianforte (R)$1,437,399$1,342,432$23,250$50,000$21,718
Tim Fox (R)$569,807$549,315$11,259$1,420$7,814
Mike Cooney (D)$451,030$392,765$2,410$0$55,855
Whitney Williams (D)$439,208$429,910$1,710$0$7,588
Al Olszewski (R)$229,084$124,508$0$101,440$3,136
Casey Schreiner (D)$85,643$80,297$390$100$4,856
Reilly Neill (D)$1,027$1,002$0$0$25
Ron Vandevender (L)$300$0$0$250$50
Lyman Bishop (R)$0$0$0$0$0
Note: Self-financing includes candidate contributions and campaign loans. Prior to Jan. 17, 2019, these figures underreported fundraising for state candidates by omitting unitemized contributions. Unitemized contribution totals, which include small-dollar donations, are calculated here by subtracting itemized cash contributions from reported fundraising totals.
Source: Campaign finance reports filed with the Montana Commissioner of Political Practices. See the COPP-administered Campaign Electronic Reporting System for official records.

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