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Last update: 10:28 PM May 10, 2024
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πŸ› House
GOP-held 68-32
πŸ› Senate
GOP-held 34-16
πŸ–‹ Governor
Greg Gianforte (R)

SB 120: Establish the Chief Earl Old Person memorial highway

Became Law
βœ… Proposed
Jan 4
βœ… 1st Cmte.
Blasted to floor
Jan 13
βœ… Senate
Passed Senate
Jan 17
βœ… House
Passed House
Mar 15
βœ… Gov.
Apr 18

πŸ“ƒ Bill text
πŸ’΅ Fiscal note
πŸ› Legal note
None on file
πŸ– Proposed amendments
None on file
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Legislative actions

How bills move through the Legislature
Showing major bill actions only.
Jan 4
Jan 4
Referred to Committee
Jan 4
First Reading
Jan 12
Jan 12
Tabled in Committee
❌ 7-5
Jan 13
Taken from Committee; Placed on 2nd Reading
βœ… 31-18
Jan 16
2nd Reading Passed
βœ… 36-14
Jan 17
3rd Reading Passed
βœ… 38-12
Jan 18
Transmitted to House
Feb 17
Referred to Committee
Feb 17
First Reading
Feb 22
Feb 22
Committee Executive Action--Bill Concurred
βœ… 15-0
Mar 14
2nd Reading Concurred
βœ… 97-3
Mar 15
3rd Reading Concurred
βœ… 94-5
Mar 15
Returned to Senate
Apr 12
Transmitted to Governor
Apr 18
Signed by Governor
Apr 19
Chapter Number Assigned
Showing major bill actions only.
This table may omit bill actions recorded since this guide's last update. See the bill page in LAWS for an official reference.

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