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Mitch Heuer
Lost Republican primary for U.S. House District 1 (West) in June 2022

Mitch Heuer

Whitefish small business owner
Active candidates in race

Mitch Heuer, 59, is a general contractor and small business owner who lives near Whitefish. He’s lived in Montana for roughly six years. Before that, he was a resident of Colorado.

Heuer is the owner of Heuer Homes LLC, which constructs modular homes, and Heuer Labs LLC, which he founded to pursue product development in 2008. He has a professional background in construction, project management, and several other trade skills.

According to Heuer’s campaign website, his top policy priorities include finding solutions to housing inaffordability, combatting mass shootings, improving transportation and self-actualization for younger generations.

This biography was compiled from material on Heuer’s professional and campaign websites, as well as reporting by the Daily Inter Lake.

MTFP coverage

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Campaign finance

Based on reporting required by the U.S. Federal Election Commission. See individual candidate pages on the FEC website or the FEC's race summary page for more information. The FEC summary page may include candidates who haven't filed for the ballot in this race with the Montana secretary of state.
Ryan Zinke (R)
thru 10/19/22
Monica Tranel (D)
John Lamb (L)
No FEC filings on record
Cora Neumann (D)
thru 9/30/22
Al Olszewski (R)
thru 9/30/22
Mary Todd (R)
Tom Winter (D)
thru 11/7/22
Mitch Heuer (R)
Matt Jette (R)
No FEC filings on record

On the issues

The material shown below was solicted from candidates via a written questionnaire in May 2022. Responses were limited to 1,000 characters and edited lightly for punctuation and spelling. Responses have not been exhaustively fact-checked. Send questions to Eric Dietrich at edietrich@montanafreepress.org.
Q1: Polls indicate many Americans are concerned about the integrity of the nation’s democratic institutions. Both as a political candidate and as a potential member of Congress, what can you do to promote Montanans’ faith in American democracy?
Mitch Heuer:

I propose the 28th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution: Term limits for all members of Congress. Senators shall be elected for a four-year term by popular vote. Representatives shall be elected for a two-year term by popular vote. All members of Congress are limited to not more than eight years of service. Standing members that have served over eight years upon the passing of this amendment shall be immediately retired upon this amendment's passing without any retirement benefits that are not afforded to the common enlisted military serviceman or veteran. Additionally, all benefits that exceed those that are afforded to the common enlisted military serviceman or veteran will be revoked from all the remaining and previous members of the Legislature, of past presidents and from all congressional or presidential heirs.

Your computer program limits my responses, thus not allowing me to elaborate. Please see my website for my responses.

Q2: Do you believe Joe Biden was legitimately elected president in 2020?
Mitch Heuer:

With the fake news problem it is unclear, the fake news needs to be fixed and we must default to using paper ballots and extreme oversight in all future elections. I suggest the National Guard do part of a three-tier oversight program.

Q3: The cost of health care is a concern for many Montana families. What federal action would you support to improve the U.S. health care system?
Mitch Heuer:

America has a health care affordability crisis. Your computer program limits my responses, thus not allowing me to elaborate. Please see my website for my responses.

Q4: Housing costs are an increasing concern for many Montanans. What federal action would you support to promote housing affordability in Montana?
Mitch Heuer:

I have a lot to share about fixing the housing crisis.

Your computer program limits my responses, thus not allowing me to elaborate. Please see my website for my responses.

Q5: To what extent do you see climate change as an urgent issue? What if any federal action would you support to mitigate its effects?
Mitch Heuer:

It is a concern. Continue with fossil fuels until we actually have better options. Your computer program limits my responses, thus not allowing me to elaborate. Please see my website for my responses.

Q6: Do you see reining in the federal debt as a priority? If so, how should that be accomplished? If you support new taxes or spending cuts, please identify specifics about who would pay more or what budget areas you’d cut. (We assume that working to minimize waste, fraud and abuse is a given.)
Mitch Heuer:

Yes, dissect each and every federal agency and streamline, that means jobs will be eliminated, agencies eliminated. Educate our youth to be makers, self-reliant and less consumers and thus a new source of income tax will be available.

Q7: What do you see as the most important priorities for the management of federal lands in Montana? Should the federal government consider transferring some federally held land into state ownership?
Mitch Heuer:

Montana has a good management policy in place, keep it up to date in all areas, logging, stream protection, wildfire prevention, agriculture and grazing, review all compacts and hold parties accountable to fulfill their obligations.

Q8: What do you see as the single most significant issue facing Montana’s public education system, and what if any federal action would you support to address it?
Mitch Heuer:

Lack of a national curriculum to include all academics and to re-introduce a votec/occupational with a small business management program, an option to obtain a higher education as laid out on my website. Your computer program limits my responses, thus not allowing me to elaborate. Please see my website for my responses.

Q9: In the event Roe v. Wade is overturned by the U.S. Supreme Court, would you support federal legislation that either guarantees abortion access or that, alternatively, establishes legal protections for life beginning at conception? What specific provisions would you like to see included in future federal abortion law?
Mitch Heuer:

Life begins at conception, no federal funds for abortion.

Q10: What changes, if any, would you like to see to current federal regulations regarding firearm ownership?
Mitch Heuer:


Q11: Montanans voted to legalize adult marijuana use in 2020. Do you support removing cannabis from the federal government’s Schedule 1 controlled substance list?
Mitch Heuer:


Election results

June 7 Republican primary vote
Count reported by Montana secretary of state as of 7/19/22




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