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Roger Roots
Lost Libertarian primary for U.S. House District 2 (East) in June 2022

Roger Roots

Self-described “Libertarian gadfly”
Active candidates in race

Roots, 53, of Livingston, is a self-described liberty-oriented activist. According to a biography on his campaign website, Roots associated with skinheads and served time in federal prison for a gun charge in his early 20s. He writes that he went back to school after his release, ultimately earning a law degree and a PhD in sociology, and now runs an educational institution named after 19th-century anarchist Lysander Spooner.

Roots has been a perennial Libertarian candidate, previously running for state auditor in 2020, Montana Supreme Court clerk in 2018, secretary of state in 2012 and 2016, and U.S. Senate in 2014. Roots was involved with the trial of Malheur National Wildlife Refuge occupation defendant Ryan Bundy as a “volunteer paralegal.” Roots is licensed to practice law in Rhode Island, according to the Rhode Island Bar Association, but is not a member of the State Bar of Montana.

Roots did not complete MTFP’s issues questionnaire. This biography is based on information presented on his campaign website, public records, news coverage, and his statements at a May 8 candidate forum.

MTFP coverage

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Campaign finance

Based on reporting required by the U.S. Federal Election Commission. See individual candidate pages on the FEC website or the FEC's race summary page for more information. The FEC summary page may include candidates who haven't filed for the ballot in this race with the Montana secretary of state.
Matt Rosendale (R)
Gary Buchanan (I)
Penny Ronning (D)
Sam Rankin (L)
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Mark Sweeney (D)
Skylar Williams (D)
James Boyette (R)
thru 5/25/22
Kyle Austin (R)
No FEC filings on record
Roger Roots (L)
No FEC filings on record
Samuel Thomas (L)
No FEC filings on record
Charles Walking Child (R)
No FEC filings on record

On the issues

Roger Roots didn't respond to MTFP's efforts to collect reponses to issue questions provided to U.S. House candidates via an emailed questionnaire in May 2022.

Election results

June 7 Libertarian primary vote
Unofficial count as of 2:33 PM, 6/13/22




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