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Greg Gianforte (R)
Last updated 5:26 PM Jun 22, 2021

Sen. Carl Glimm

Representing SD 2
Columbia Falls, West Glacier, Hungry Horse

Glimm previously served in the House in 2019, 2017, 2015, and 2013.

SD 2 election results

Last in-cycle for Senate election in 2020. House seats are elected every two years, Senate seats every four.

General election vote, 2020

(R) CARL GLIMM(D)68%32%
Won by 37% (4,694 votes)

Party primary vote, 2020

(R) CARL GLIMM(R)(R)55%29%16%
Won by 26% (1,260 votes)

Governor vote in district, 2020

(R) GIANFORTE(D)(L)65%31%
Won by 34% (4,435 votes)

Voting statistics

Of 1,904 Senate floor votes involving bills:
86%With majority of Senate lawmakers
92%With majority of GOP caucus
53%With majority of Dem. caucus
Glimm has been absent or excused for 1 votes.
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Bills sponsored

SB 163: Increase membership for the board of water well contractors
From Carl Glimm (R)Bill textFiscal note
SB 164: Revise non-degradation standard for nitrates
SB 165: Generally revise laws related to the department of environmental quality
SB 215: Establish the religious freedom restoration act
SB 271: Allow judicial candidates to announce endorsements
SB 280: Revise vital statistics laws regarding sex designation on birth certificate
Requires a person to obtain surgery and a court order in order to update the gender on their birth certificate
SB 283: Generally revise laws regarding firearms on school grounds
SB 290: Prohibiting consent as a defense for physician-assisted suicide
SB 300: Generally revise laws related to driver education
SB 366: Revise judicial standards commission complaint process
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Committee assignments

  • Senate Highways and Transportation
  • Joint Health and Human Services
  • Senate Public Health, Welfare and Safety
  • Senate Finance and Claims

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