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Last updated 8:32 PM Mar 1, 2021

The session as of March 1

House bills introduced
Passed by House
Passed by Senate
Passed through Governor
Senate bills introduced
Passed by Senate
Passed by House
Passed through Governor
Resolutions and referendum proposals introduced
1,121 total bills and resolutions introduced
How bills move through the Legislature

Key bills

Major legislation identified by MTFP reporters. Where ambiguous, official bill titles are annotated with plain language summaries.

Governor’s budget

HB 2: General Appropriations Act
Primary state budget bill
From Llew Jones (R)Bill text
First chamber
In committee
SB 159: Personal Income Tax Relief Act
Reduces rate in the state’s top income tax bracket
Second chamber
In committee
SB 181: Corporate Tax Modernization Act
Adjusts how income tax is calculated for multi-state corporations
First chamber
In committee
SB 182: Generally revise laws on state finance, reducing tax rate if conditions met
Enacts future tax cuts in the event of budget surpluses
Second chamber
In committee
SB 184: Montana Entrepreneur Magnet Act
Exempts shareholders of Montana-grown businesses from paying capital gains taxes on stock options
Second chamber
In committee
HB 252: Non-refundable tax credit for employer-paid education of trade professions
Tax credits to encourage employer-funded trade education
Second chamber
In committee
HB 303: Revise business equipment tax laws: Business Investment Grows (BIG) Jobs Act
Exempts more businesses from paying equipment tax
Second chamber
On floor

Democratic alternatives

SB 10: Providing for circuit breaker income tax credit for property taxes paid
Creates a property tax “circuit breaker” credit to lighten tax burden on lower-income residents
First chamber
Tabled in committee
HB 424: Revise individual income tax laws
Creates new top income tax bracket, expands Earned Income Tax Credit for working families
First chamber
Tabled in committee

Broadband internet access

SB 51: Exempting certain fiber optic, coaxial cable from property taxation
Tax incentives intended to spur rural broadband internet development
Second chamber
In committee

Election administration

Labor policy

HB 168: Generally revise laws related to union fees
Requires annual worker consent for union membership
First chamber
Tabled in committee
HB 251: Implement right-to-work
Requires written consent for union due paycheck deductions
First chamber
Out of committee

Energy policy

Firearm regulations

HB 102: Generally revise gun laws
Expands permitless concealed carry, limits gun regulations on college campuses
Became Law

Anti-abortion measures

HB 136: Establish pain-capable unborn child protection act
Broadly restricts abortions after 20 weeks
Through Legislature
Passed both chambers
HB 140: Requiring the provision of information before the performance of an abortion
Requires medical providers to offer patients an ultrasound before an abortion
Through Legislature
Passed both chambers
HB 167: Referendum to adopt the Montana Born-Alive Infant Protection Act
In reconciliation
HB 171: Adopt the Montana Abortion-Inducing Drug Risk Protocol Act
Requires abortion-inducing medication to be distributed in person
Through Legislature
Passed both chambers
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