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Last updated 8:32 PM Mar 1, 2021

Sen. Jill Cohenour

Representing SD 42
Helena, East Helena

Cohenour previously served in the House in 2009, 2007, 2005, and 2003, as well as the Senate in 2019, 2017, and 2015.

SD 42 election results

Last in-cycle for Senate election in 2018. House seats are elected every two years, Senate seats every four.

General election vote, 2018

Won by 14% (1,376 votes)

Party primary vote, 2018

Ran unopposed

Governor vote in district, 2020

(D) COONEY(R)(L)53%43%
Won by 11% (1,290 votes)

Voting statistics

Of 551 Senate floor votes involving bills:
69%With majority of Senate lawmakers
64%With majority of GOP caucus
99%With majority of Dem. caucus
Cohenour has been absent or excused for 0 votes.
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Bills sponsored

SB 2: Clarify the dissemination of fish and wildlife related information
From Jill Cohenour (D)Bill textFiscal note
First chamber
Tabled in committee
SB 6: Revise distribution dates for lodging taxes
Became Law
SB 7: Revise tax credit for energy-conserving expenditures
Second chamber
In committee
SB 8: Revise filing requirements for warrants of distraint
Probably Dead
SB 10: Providing for circuit breaker income tax credit for property taxes paid
Creates a property tax “circuit breaker” credit to lighten tax burden on lower-income residents
First chamber
Tabled in committee
SB 11: Increase minimum corporate income tax
First chamber
Tabled in committee
SB 12: Convert tax haven list to tax haven criteria
First chamber
Tabled in committee
SB 13: Revise DNRC adjudication benchmarks
Second chamber
In committee
SB 20: Clarifying use of river basin councils
Second chamber
In committee
SB 34: Revise biodiesel blending and storage tax credit reporting requirements
Became Law
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Committee assignments

  • Senate Natural Resources
  • Senate Rules
  • Senate Fish and Game
  • Senate Taxation - Minority Vice Chair
  • Senate Ethics - Minority Vice Chair

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