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Greg Gianforte (R)
Last updated 5:19 PM Apr 12, 2021

Rep. Neil Duram

Representing HD 2

Duram previously served in the House in 2019.

HD 2 election results

Last in-cycle for House election in 2020. House seats are elected every two years, Senate seats every four.

General election vote, 2020

(R) NEIL A DURAM(D)80%20%
Won by 60% (3,822 votes)

Party primary vote, 2020

Ran unopposed

Governor vote in district, 2020

(R) GIANFORTE(D)(L)73%23%
Won by 50% (3,209 votes)

Voting statistics

Of 1,457 House floor votes involving bills:
91%With majority of House lawmakers
93%With majority of GOP caucus
60%With majority of Dem. caucus
Duram has been absent or excused for 21 votes.
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Bills sponsored

HJ 13: Resolution for Article V US constitution convention of states
From Neil Duram (R)Bill text
Probably Dead
HJ 16: Joint resolution regarding television broadcast designated marketing areas
Second chamber
In committee
HJ 29: Study of victim services and funding in Montana
First chamber
In committee
HB 42: Clarify AIS management authority laws
Probably Dead
HB 152: Requiring drain plugs to be disengaged to prevent aquatic invasive species
Before governor
HB 207: Generally revise school bus safety laws
Before governor
HB 267: Improve school bus safety laws
Second chamber
HB 308: Generally revise dyed diesel tax laws
Probably Dead
HB 538: Create Montana standard time
Probably Dead
HB 605: Generally revise equestrian laws
Probably Dead
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Committee assignments

  • House Fish, Wildlife, and Parks - Majority Vice Chair
  • House Energy, Telecommunications, and Federal Relations
  • House Business and Labor

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