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Greg Gianforte (R)
Last updated 8:32 PM Mar 1, 2021

Sen. Steve Fitzpatrick

Representing SD 10
South of Great Falls, Simms, Cascade, Belt

Fitzpatrick previously served in the House in 2015, 2013, and 2011, as well as the Senate in 2019 and 2017.

SD 10 election results

Last in-cycle for Senate election in 2020. House seats are elected every two years, Senate seats every four.

General election vote, 2020

Ran unopposed

Party primary vote, 2020

Won by 64% (3,237 votes)

Governor vote in district, 2020

(R) GIANFORTE(D)(L)66%32%
Won by 34% (4,095 votes)

Voting statistics

Of 551 Senate floor votes involving bills:
95%With majority of Senate lawmakers
97%With majority of GOP caucus
66%With majority of Dem. caucus
Fitzpatrick has been absent or excused for 0 votes.
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Bills sponsored

SR 3: Confirm Governor's appointee for Commissioner of Dept. of Labor & Industry
From Steve Fitzpatrick (R)Bill text
Became Law
SR 17: Confirm Governor's appointee to the Commission for Human Rights
Probably Dead
SR 18: Confirm Governor's appointee to Board of Personnel Appeals
Probably Dead
SR 19: Confirm Governor's appointees to the State Banking Board
Probably Dead
SR 20: Confirm Governor's appointee to State Fund Board of Directors
Probably Dead
SR 27: Confirm Governor's appointees to State Fund Board of Directors
Became Law
SR 28: Confirm Governor appointees to Commission for Human Rights
Became Law
SR 29: Confirm Governor's appointees to boards of Housing, Horseracing
First chamber
Out of committee
SR 30: Confirm Governor's appointees to State Banking Board
Became Law
SR 31: Confirm Gov appointees to Personnel Appeals and Unemployment Insurance Appeals
Became Law
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Committee assignments

  • Senate Highways and Transportation
  • Senate Business, Labor, and Economic Affairs - Chair
  • Senate Local Government
  • Senate Rules - Majority Vice Chair

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