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Greg Gianforte (R)
Last updated 5:19 PM Apr 12, 2021

Rep. Robert Farris-Olsen

Representing HD 79
West Helena

Farris-Olsen previously served in the House in 2019.

HD 79 election results

Last in-cycle for House election in 2020. House seats are elected every two years, Senate seats every four.

General election vote, 2020

Won by 11% (743 votes)

Party primary vote, 2020

Won by 15% (360 votes)

Governor vote in district, 2020

(D) COONEY(R)(L)58%40%
Won by 18% (1,276 votes)

Voting statistics

Of 1,462 House floor votes involving bills:
64%With majority of House lawmakers
58%With majority of GOP caucus
95%With majority of Dem. caucus
Farris-Olsen has been absent or excused for 16 votes.
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Bills sponsored

HJ 18: Joint Resolution urging Wyoming fed and state agencies to stop elk feeding
From Robert Farris-Olsen (D)Bill text
Probably Dead
HB 91: Revise violent offender registry laws
Before governor
HB 262: Expand exemptions from collections to include student loans
Probably Dead
HB 263: Revise exemption from collection laws
Probably Dead
HB 451: Generally revise time served requirements
Through Legislature
Passed both chambers
HB 581: Revise gun storage laws
Probably Dead
HB 582: Clarify employer limitations in the Montana Medical Marijuana Act
Probably Dead
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Committee assignments

  • House Fish, Wildlife, and Parks - Minority Vice Chair
  • House Judiciary
  • House Rules - Minority Vice Chair
  • House Natural Resources

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